Dorota Trzeciecka has years of experience representing clients in the bankruptcy context.  She is highly dedicated to assisting individuals, families, and businesses with all their bankruptcy needs.  She volunteers her services to those who can't afford a lwayer through Put Something Back Pro Bono Project. 

The Dorota Trzeciecka, P.L.

Dorota Trzeciecka:

  • Years of experience in the context bankruptcy law
  • Admitted to the Florida Bar
  • Admitted to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida
  • Member of the National Association of the Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA)


Dorota Trzeciecka was born in Warsaw, Poland. She studied English and English Literature in London at the Polytechnic of Central London and Hammersmith and West London College.  She obtained her undergraduate degree in English Literature from the University of California in Los Angeles and her law degree from the University of Miami School of Law.

She began her legal career working for the State of Florida as a prosecuting attorney for the Florida Construction Licensing Board and the Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design. She then assisted in the prosecution of securities and mortgage fraud for the Department of Banking and Finance.  When working in the government sector, Dorota represented clients in bankruptcy cases through  Put Something Back Pro Bono Project.  She continues to do so today.  After leaving her position with State of Florida, Dorota entered private practice with Rafferty Stolzenberg Gelles, P.A., and later with Gonzalez and Wermuth, P.L. in Miami as a commercial litigation attorney, where she represented clients in a wide array of debtors and creditors disputes.


She then opened her own law practice with the desire to concentrate on providing services exclusively to consumer debtors in bankruptcy.  


Dorota has been certified by the Collins Center of Public Policy in foreclosure mediation.  Through the mediator foreclosure training, she became very knowledgeable in home loan modifications and other forms of loan workout options, a knowledge that is invaluable in dealing with foreclosures in her bankruptcy practice.